There are too many sales reps and managers who think their products will sell themselves. They think that having tons of followers on social media, cutting-edge marketing tools, and an extensive network is enough. They think that’s all that’s needed to bring in customers into their business. Wrong. Sales Success Doesn’t Just Happen, You Need to Drive It.

These things are surely important to open doors for sales opportunities. However, it is still up to your sales team to persuade people to buy what you are selling. Like we have said in our previous post, there is only thing that separates a business that thrives and a business that dies. And that is its ability to generate profitable sales.

And if you choose NOT to do it, your business will lose means to stay afloat in the competition. Not only that, but not having profitable sales means that you are failing to help your target market satisfy their needs, and at the same time make a comfortable living for yourself and your employees.

Sales Success Doesn’t Just Happen, You Need to Drive It

Regardless of how effective your social media marketing is, how many people are in your email list, and how insightful your blogs are – if you’re sales team is ineffective – then no one will ever buy from your business.

Gaining new followers and a new connection is just a part of what sales are. Sales don’t just happen because you gained the trust of your target market. You can’t just automatically call people from your email list, unleash a sales script and make magic happen afterward. What sales actually is, is much more complicated, and it requires your full effort to succeed.

Each sale results from a series of interactions and trust-building conversations to guide your prospect closer through the stages of the buying process. You need to be proactive in identifying the changing preference of your prospect over time and be able to introduce the right solution at the right time.

Successful salespeople are driven individuals who mastered the art of building relationships, exercising influence, and representing their company with generosity, tact, and interactive intuition. No matter what advances we see in technology, sales success comes down to this human element of building relationships, one person at a time.

Be a More Proactive Salesperson

A proactive salesperson can take a business from average to great in a matter of months. Characteristics of being a proactive salesperson include:

  • Being on top of their deals (and winning more deals out over the competition)

  • Providing stellar service to their leads and existing clients

  • Meeting or exceeding the quotas set

  • Retaining more customers

  • Being more in control of your career and income

  • Having more time in the day. Being proactive leads to better productivity and an improved balance.

While not everyone is proactive naturally, striving to get where your customers are and trying your best to keep them, you will be a better sales manager and you will have better chance to increase your revenue as well.


The bottom line is that customers won’t just fall in love with your business, you need to make it happen. Imparting skills such as respect, attentiveness, taking responsibility, and establishing brand leadership through a proper sales management training will help your sales team deliver an excellent customer experience that translates to sales.

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