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We have a diverse client base and our ability to tailor our services to the needs of public, private, government and international clients is fundamental to our approach.

Although each of our clients is unique, the one thing that they have in common is the desire for strong relationships. We are confident in our ability to build an outstanding client relationship, coupled with technical excellence across a specialised range of services.

So, whether you’re part of a public, private, government, or multinational organisation, you can expect that we will work as an extension of your team and deliver successful outcomes for your organisation.

“Being relatively new to this industry I was a little apprehensive going into my company training day, I thought it may have been scientific and technical and it’s an area where I feel a teeny bit inadequate. The relief I felt when Garret started “warming up” the room was ridiculous. He made everyone feel comfortable, relaxed and engaged. At times I feel we over complicate things to make ourselves feel more important or special. In the end, Garret reinforced the need to slow down, fully engage, leave the ego at the door and listen. This training is a must have for all teams, no matter the level. It will make you stop, think and love sales again. Can’t wait until the next one.”

 Stacey Taylor

Account Executive  -LIPA Pharmaceutical

“One of the best decisions in my professional career was to engage Garret Norris as a personal coach for my role as Director of the Australian Dance Festival. Not only did he bring in over a 300% return on investment on the fees we paid him, but more importantly, he gave me the tools to stand on my own two feet as a director and a leader. Garret is a joy to work with. His honest advice delivered with a sense of humour really hit some home truths within me. His advice to “stop leaning, and start living” still resonates with me now when I feel myself shying away from taking the hard decisions. I can’t recommend Garret highly enough. The lessons he has taught me has enabled me to grow the Australian Dance Festival exponentially and secure amazing relationships with my stakeholders.”

Angela Lau

Founder and Director of the Australian Dance Festival

“I have personally attended seminars lead by Garret numerous times. He has a knack for leading discussion topics that are captivating, relevant and which put in demonstrative key tools that can be applied in and out of work. By speaking to Garret, one can tell very quickly that he is a professional leader. He has a wide array of skills including the following areas; strategic decisions, business management, negotiation, leadership, motivational speaking, project management and more. I am glad to have him in my professional network and look forward to doing business with him in the future.

Sadia Khan

CA – Global Red

Garret is a true professional and constantly challenges the norm which creates the high performing teams we have at MLA. Garret has lead and coached our team to deliver outcomes that make a difference. The approach from Healthy Business Builder was unique to our business and it has proven to be successful for MLA. I would highly recommend Garret for any other business wanting positive, successful outcomes for your business.

Kathryn Harradine

Office of Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

“I’ve experienced numerous benefits of a positive coaching partnership with Garret Norris (Healthy Business Builder) when we were working on the latest business strategy. The third-party moderation for 360-reviews, strategic planning, and conflict resolution have improved the company’s execution in overall. I personally gained a clarity on my values and what I stand for, which leaded me to greater conviction. The session stimulated me for faster action – advancing things faster and with greater precision. I can only highly recommend working with Garret Norris (Healthy Business Builder) for someone who has a desire to grow and learn. Make yourself unstoppable!”

Anna Sharikova

Planning Manager – Modliving Homes

“We engaged Healthy Business Builder to do a complete review of our Sales and Marketing strategy and the findings were a complete surprise to me as I was clearly to close to the business to see the obvious areas for improvement. Garret Norris implemented a complete strategy of change in the business which saw immediate results in the uplift in our sales. The Sales workshops and follow up coaching was tailored and they obviously understand that sales is what counts to our business, everyone related to the key messages. However, the coaching at an Executive level and the introduction of his “Horizon Planning” help my leadership team and I focus on what is important to reach our goals. I would highly recommend Healthy Business Builder coaching as I not only have grown personally but the return on investment was almost instant and we still refer to the key messages before approaching any situation that would or could have an impact on why we are here, to grow the Business. Thank you again Garret and we look forward to the continued relationship”

Gary Raymond

CEO, Charlotte James Executive

I thought I’d drop you both a quick note to say ‘well done’ with the recent training programme for our Customer Service team. Garret, you were quick to realise where the ‘touch points’ were and you focussed in on how the team should use the tools and techniques moving forward. I was pleased with the coaching sessions with our team leader. Having had a chance to review the training with her, I’m starting to see the penny-drop and hopefully she can move on from here. Even though she feels overloaded with new thoughts and ideas, she is starting to use them with her team and other internal customers. I think the 30/60/90 day task planning for her, as well as the documented strategic plan will be very useful in ensuring she continues to develop her team.” Once again, thanks and well done

Lawrence Osborn

GM Logistics & Supply Chain

“Garret was a highly-regarded leader and coach within the business. His strategic appreciation, business acumen, and people development skills lead to his and our success in managing the wider Crossmark team, and building client relationships. His wicked sense of humour was a bonus!”

Hilary Lamb

HR Director, Crossmark Asia Pacific

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