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A Group of Internationally Experienced Consultants

Every Healthy Business Builder consultant brings a wealth of national and international expertise to his/her role. We have all run our own businesses (many still do) and consult to large corporations, including multi-billion dollar multi-nationals.

Garret Norris

Founder and Principal

Garret Norris is a highly effective business engineer who has a proven track record in working on businesses to improve:

  • gross margin and revenue
  • horizontal and vertical marketplace penetration
  • pipeline development and management
  • disciplined and strategic staff appointment, deployment, performance management and training

John Wright

Senior Partner – Business Growth Specialist

John Wright is a highly driven executive and client focused business leader with vast experience across a variety of corporate disciplines. John has extensive experience working in senior sales and board level roles for large companies such as Bowater Scott, Pura Milk, National Foods, Fairfax Media, Sales Solutions, CROSSMARK and more.

Brendon Walker

Sales, Marketing & Business Strategist

Acknowledged by his clients and peers as a thought leader, Brendon Walker is recognised for having a broad and exceptionally unique skill set that draws from his 15+ years’ experience in both sales and marketing. He excels at client service, relationship management, and creating customer experience strategies.

Sarah El-Moselhi

Executive Assistant to the Principal/CEO

Sarah El-Moselhi is the HBB Group’s Executive Assistant.

Sarah thrives on working within challenging environments, delivering quality input to support the HBB team and an integral part of the company’s rapid and continuous growth. Prior to joining the HBB Group, Sarah excelled in people management as a Bureau Chief of a large television news room, coupled with her specialist writing and research skills as a broadcast journalist for more than 15 years. Her drive is the ethical development of people and business.

Mia Van Tubbergh

Business Growth Specialist

With over 20 years of B2B and B2C Sales, Mia Van Tubbergh is passionate about training productive and profitable sales teams. Mia is highly effective in building sales strategy and is determined to put the flair back in the sales industry. Mia is a strong proponent of HBB Group’s acceleration.

Julian Khursigara

Sales, Marketing & Business Strategist

Julian Khursigara is a Business Growth Specialist with above standard expertise in Saas Sales.

For more than 15 years Julian has been embedded in leading enterprise and marketing businesses. His mastery lies within the hospitality, airline, customer engagement, CX and fintech industries. Julian’s stand-out achievements involve the exceptional use of data insights to develop sales strategies, P&L Management and building profitable partnerships across Australia and Asia Pacific. Julian is an asset to the HBB team.

Danny Andrews

Business Growth Specialist

Danny Andrews is our concept and business development sales strategist. He is a solutions specialist across numerous sectors, from industrial, leasing, superannuation, retail, information technology all the way to the bright colours of the entertainment industry. Danny has knack for identifying both the strengths and weaknesses of his clients to help them grow their business independently and with a solid framework. Danny is a valuable cog in the HBB Group network.

Julian M Good

Sales and Marketing Strategist

Julian M Good is highly experienced and accomplished sales and marketing specialist. He has strong leadership mentoring skills and a sound record of success in sales, implementing marketing initiatives. Julian is a specialist in sales training and leadership motivation.

Beth Elvin

Artwork/Finished Artist/Designer

Beth Elvin has over 10 years of design experience working on major brand through agencies like Clemenger BBDO as well as BAYER and many more. Beth believes that the first step to design is about ideas. And with ideas comes solutions, creatively lead solutions delivered through beautiful design and clever advertising strategies. Experience within FMCG, financial services, pharmaceutical, government, home entertainment and hospitality.

Peter Carblis

BSc(Hons), CertIV TAE, Grad Dip Ed, M Ed, Ph D

Peter Carblis has extensive experience and qualifications in many areas relating to organisational culture, organisational learning and organisational development, this includes:

  • Operational Processes
  • Governance
  • Learning and Development
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


Robert Savellis

Sales and Marketing Performance Specialist

Robert Savellis brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience to Healthy Business Builder customers with over 25 years in the IT industry.

James Kissell

Strategic Marketing Specialist

Senior management and marketing leader with a track record of delivery in multinational companies and start ups in many industries across Australia, Asia-Pacific, The Middle East and Europe. A dynamic and outcome-oriented leader and motivator. Consummate brand builder who is uniquely able to plan, sell in and project manage large scale, multi-channel campaigns that deliver measurable results and revenue.

Trish Lever

Marketing & Operations Specialist

Trish has over 15 years of business Management, Marketing Sales and client leadership experience at an Executive level. Trish has led many large teams, her passion is to strategically build client relationships, identify new opportunities and grown business’s and revenue. Experience within FMCG, financial services, pharmaceutical, government, home entertainment and hospitality.

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