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A Group of Internationally Experienced Consultants

Every Healthy Business Builder consultant brings a wealth of national and international expertise to his/her role. We have all run our own businesses (many still do) and consult to large corporations, including multi-billion dollar multi-nationals.

Garret Norris

Garret Norris

Founder and Principal

Garret Norris is a highly effective business engineer who has a proven track record in working on businesses to improve:

  • gross margin and revenue
  • horizontal and vertical marketplace penetration
  • pipeline development and management
  • disciplined and strategic staff appointment, deployment, performance management and training

Sarah El-Moselhi

Communications Specialist

Sarah El-Moselhi’s extensive background in communications and journalism has provided her with a strong track record in leading newsrooms, as well as the results-proven management and training of individuals and teams.

As a well-established communications specialist, Sarah’s skillsets are formulated from her experiences in both the frontline media playing field as well as in the hardline corporate domain.

glen dobson

Glenn Dobson

Senior Mentor

Glenn Dobson is the HBB Group’s Senior Mentor. He has built an outstanding reputation as a Personal Mentor, helping individuals of all ages to achieve goals they never thought possible. He is a specialist Business, Health and Sport Mentor. 

As an experienced Executive Mentor and Trusted Adviser, Glenn consistently improves the performance of Business Leaders, Managers, Owners and Salespeople and – gets results! Glenn’s Personal Mentoring Program is tailored to the individual in his care.

Afra Abdeen

Business Growth Specialist

With near on a decade of experience working in business development, marketing and sustainability across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, Afra has first-hand experience navigating the world of multinationals and start-ups.

Afra joins the HBB Group after four years of working in Unilever across South East Asia and Australasia. 

Shaun Campbell

Shaun Campbell

Senior Commercial Strategist | Sales Leader, Coach and Mentor

With more than 25 years of experience in the gaming and consumer goods industries, Shaun is recognised as a strategic leader adept at driving commercial success and organizational growth. His career has been marked by a commitment to developing robust commercial strategies, executing them effectively across global markets, and developing and mentoring high performance Sales and Marketing teams.

Will Hyde Junior Consultant

Mia McLeod

Digital Sales and Business Specialist

Mia McLeod is a seasoned digital sales and business leader who has forged a distinguished 20-year career at globally recognised media and entertainment powerhouses, including Walt Disney, Sony Music, and Universal Music.

Specialising in digital business transformation, Mia excels in design-led digital marketing, growth strategies, social media, e-commerce, and data-driven decision-making.


brett murray

Brett Murray

Communication and Technology Specialist

Brett Murray is the Group’s Information Communication and Technology Specialist.

He is a highly experienced business leader, managing direct and virtual teams in large businesses across Australia and the Asia Pacific region, for some of the biggest brands in the Information Communication and Technology sector.


jan marsden

Jan Marsden

HR Specialist

Jan Marsden is an experienced and proven HR specialist with a broad business background in Senior and Executive Management.

Clients in a variety of industries have benefited from Jan’s HR experience and knowledge as she imparts practical leadership strategies, effective change management instruction and operational knowledge that positively impacts people and culture.

Kristin Harper

Kristin Harper

Sales Leader and Coach

With more than 20 years of sales experience in some of the most competitive industries, Kristin brings a unique blend of expertise, authenticity, and heart to our team.

He has captured an impressive 55% market share in his first sales role to closing multimillion-dollar deals in the NZ marketplace.

Kristin consistently demonstrates his ability to drive results and outcomes.

Caroline Arnold


Business Growth Specialist

Caroline works collaboratively with clients in supporting them to overcome their diversity challenges in their business. She has a proven experience in designing and delivering engaging diversity and unconscious bias training programmes helping organisations identify their core strengths.

Dale Harper

Dale Harper

SEO – Search Marketing

Dale Harper is a growth strategist focusing on search engine optimization and content.

His background is using SEO as a core customer acquisition strategy to build visibility in search results and drive relevant traffic.

aimee kostrubic

Aimee Kostrubic

Office Support

Aimee is the groups office support, with her strengths and capabilities covering all departments. With her extensive experience in people management and guidance, her capabilities to genuinely engage with clients and customers comes naturally.

Tim Kitching

Senior Consultant

Tim Kitching holds more than 20 years’ experience leading teams and businesses across corporate Australia, the private sector, government and law enforcement, and brings a unique perspective through his areas of expertise; ranging from strategic planning, sales strategy and performance, high performance coaching to cultural change and staff engagement.

Julian Khursigara

Julian Khursigara

Business Growth Specialist

Julian Khursigara is a Business Growth Specialist with above standard expertise in Saas Sales.

For more than 15 years Julian has been embedded in leading enterprise and marketing businesses. His mastery lies within the hospitality, airline, customer engagement, CX and fintech industries. Julian’s stand-out achievements involve the exceptional use of data insights to develop sales strategies, P&L Management and building profitable partnerships across Australia and Asia Pacific. Julian is an asset to the team.


peter ollerton

Peter Ollerton

Sales Strategy Specialist

Peter is a sales and business growth specialist with international experitise.

With over 40 years’ experience globally across a multitude of technology industries, Peter sets an industry benchmark in IT Growth and Sales training.

As a highly respected business operator, Peter excels across all platforms and has helped teams as well as individuals in global corporate companies through to SME and small business.


aimee kostrubic healthy busines builder

Mark Hamon

Integrated Management Specialist

Mark Hamon is a highly experienced business leader with 17+ years’ experience across a wide variety of business management, risk and resilience disciplines. Mark is highly passionate about integrated management, business risk, continuous improvement, culture, strategy and planning. Drawing upon real-world experience across private sectors, government and defence force services, Mark has provided his skills and leadership to organisations across Australia, Europe and North America. 


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