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TRAINING TENET: 20% extra yields 80% more. In sales training, 20% more investment in your people, that is through reinforcement of what has been learnt as well as follow-though training, will improve the results your staff produce by 80%. But, the trick is to find someone who knows which 20% to add, as well as having the experience and energy to help you make it happen.

Here is how we live out our sales training tenet – at Healthy Business Builder we believe in customising content to our customers. Everything we deliver in our workshops is tailored to you and your sales team. By this method, we follow a process that begins with an assessment phase, that is, we discuss and observe your team’s challenges, and develop the training content based on our assessment.

Considering sales training? Think, are your salespeople:
  • Struggling to meet KPIs?
  • Sticking to existing clients only and “scared” of finding new customers?
  • Unable to generate leads?
  • Not wanting to “annoy” current leads?
  • Unaware of the core processes of prospecting?
  • Lack skills to keep their pipeline active?
  • Unclear of distinguishing features from benefits?
  • Awkward and uneasy talking to decision makers and leaders?
  • Failing to revisit old leads regularly?
  • Stuck in the mindset that ‘sales is evil’?
  • Have a poor sales conversion rate?
  • Do not know the techniques to gain repeat business and upsell?
  • Blame shift – excuses dominate poor performance and missing targets?

At Healthy Business Builder, we don’t just teach customer focus, but we also try our hardest to live it. Moreover, our guiding vision is to raise the bar for a training industry that often fails to deliver. That is to say, many companies talk about reinforcement and impact, but what you get is closer to ‘train and run’.

In contrast, we aim to create genuine business impact for our clients. Simply put, our strategy is to work closely with a relatively small number of clients, so that we can get to know you properly and provide the focus and attention required to move the dial on your objectives. And we have a dedicated team who make sure it happens.

Although we only do as much as you need, the investment of time and resources in getting it right will generally be slightly higher than for ‘vanilla’ training. But the returns are more than worth it.

So, here are some of the results we have helped our clients achieve. Increased:
  • Sales of a B2B sales force to double in 6 months.
  • Revenue of a Building supply client by 20% in one year.
  • Sales of a Pharmaceutical client by 19% to achieve 140% of target in one year.
  • Retail client’s sales by 250% over last year in 3 weeks.
  • The Fund donation of a Charity by 120% in 12 months.
  • Revenue for a Distribution client by 12% in one year.
  • Customer retention of a Major Credit Card by over 12% in 6 months.
  • Satisfaction of customer on a call centre by 400% in 6 months.
  • Enquiry numbers of customers of a Law practice by 40% in 6 months.
  • The revenue of a medical practitioner by 35% in 9 month.
How We Help:
  • Change the mindset of salespeople around their the skills, behaviours and thinking to a value adding sales approach, with a structured framework to strategy selling.
  • Add stronger emphasis on the value of your salesperson as a business resource, as well as teach them to become strategic partners.
  • Instil a culture of accountability so they will be able to measure success and ROI from their efforts.
  • Elevate the confidence and conversations the sales team has from price and problem solving to influencing the overall business’ value proposition.
  • Develop the quality of sales conversations (be it F2F or virtual) to truly understand the customers’ business and needs, that is, not just product knowledge and prices.
  • Teach the core techniques of defending price as well as value selling.

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or email: | Healthy Business Builder is part of the HBB Group. And when you engage with us you have complete access to a range of services to grow your staff and business with definite ROI and results.

Healthy Business Builder is part of the HBB Group. And when you engage with us you have complete access to a range of services to grow your staff and business with definite ROI and results.


But, how have these businesses improved their sales teams’ performance?

By investing in their ability to create value – that is, by understanding their clients’ businesses. Also, by making them more challenging, insightful and proactive. That includes, getting them to coach their clients through the buying process, as well as giving them the commercial acumen to make profitable deals.

In addition, they took on board our holistic approach to sales training, that is – implementing our A.D.D.E.D Sales Training Methodology.

Assessment: Benchmark your salesforce’s skills and talent so we can identify “gaps” in performance.

Develop: Build customer-focused selling skills to be able to differentiate your salesforce in a competitive market.

Design: The training workshops will be designed around your business and people, that is, not a generic off the shelf program.

Execute: Through training reinforcement we ensure that your salesforce is using the new skills back on the job to drive results.

Deliver: Our programs are measurable and also have proven track records on delivering increased sales and smashing KPIs.

What is the ‘Hearts and Minds’ Methodology you speak of?

The HBB Group uses our proven ‘Hearts and Minds’ methodology as the basis for our Communication and Conversation Management training and coaching. This methodology has been used with over 50 clients in the past 12 months to improve both Client and Business outcomes. It is based on a relationship sales model that puts strategic selling at the heart of sales activity and client relationship management.
Our Sales, Leadership and Management Training expertise is well established with clients across Corporate Australasia and South East Asia.
Based on key components of the Hearts and Minds™ sales methodology we will introduce a range of tools and sales skills to the Sales People and the entire team aimed at achieving the above outcomes. These will include:

1. How to build better Rapport with customers and prospects
2. How to Develop new ways to sell and to think outside the box
3. How to identify what does not work and break some bad habits
4. How to gain quality responses based on quality Questioning and Listening
5. How to handle objection more efficiently
6. How to focus on “Emotion for home and passion for business”
7. How to negotiate without aggression or emotion
8. How to leverage on current relationships to attain more referrals
9. How to Structure a F2F Sales Conversation that isn’t reliant on talking about your brand
10. How to ‘DNA’ Customers to understand their drivers
11. How to adapt their F2F conversations to the different levels of contact
12. How to ‘match’ Your Companies Value Proposition and service levels to the customers and prospect’s needs

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