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CASE STUDY – Business to Consumer energy Sales Team

Outcomes from our involvement…

Average sales before our involvement = $45,000 per Day

  • Day one – Workshop delivered
  • Day two – $109,000
  • Day Three – $114,485
  • Day Four – $132,249
  • Week Three – $183,000 per day

Total revenue for three days – $355,734

Total EXTRA sales in the first three days – $220,734

CASE STUDY – Technology Product Focused Partner Solutions Team

Outcomes from our involvement…


  • 12% increase in sales revenues.
  • Relationship with major distributor became a true ‘strategic partnership’.
  • Sales team worked closer with their Distribution Partners.
  • Wider range of products and solutions sold.

CASE STUDY – Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Team who were Technical Sales People not Business Builders

Outcomes from our involvement…


  • 140% of sales target (and growing).
  • 19% up on last financial year.
  • Understanding and adding value to their clients businesses.
  • Massive penetration into what were ‘reluctant recommenders’ in both hospitals and pharmacies. Increased rotations in hospitals and shelf space in pharmacies.

CASE STUDY – “Comfortable and Underachieving” Sales Team of an International Manufacturer & Distributor of Building Products

Outcomes from our involvement…


  • Replaced 70% of the sales team.
  • Replaced 80% of the Sales Management team.
  • Grew market share by 5% in a declining market.
  • Measurement of sales force increased by 17% to ‘proactive & professional/consultative’ methodology.

CASE STUDY – Cold Calling and Call Centre Sales Expertise

Outcomes from our involvement…


  • Increased average daily time on the phone from 45 minutes to 3 hours
  • Increased increase overall activity by 150%
  • Increased outbound quotes by 88%
  • Increased sales by 66%