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When you engage with us from the onset, you have instant access to a range of holistic business growth services. The centralised holistic service offered by the HBB Group ensures your organisation’s growth on a uniform level, allowing the business and its people to all operate from the same manual. This not only opens the door to reduced service rates, but fundamentally catapults your organisation ahead of its industry competitors by centralising all your operations.

Business Coaching

The HBB Group’s Holistic Business Services’ Business Coaching is based on developing sustainable coaching cultures. Our focus is in developiong organisations to deliver measurable ROI.

Coaching and management training is customised to the individual. From Senior Executive Mentoring, Business Growth Coaching, MD Mentoring through to entire Leadership Team Coaching.

Sales & Negotiation Training

Negotiation Workshops are activity high and knowledge rich. As part of our Holistic Business approach, we intertwine sales and negotiation performances and implementation to take the business forward. We teach teams how to, firstly, negotiate the service or product they offer. Secondly, when to ask for the sale and when to continue negotiating. Thirdly, recognise buying signals. Then finally, how to read your customer and knowing how to defend price.

Call Centre and Customer Service Training

Through the fundamentals of Holistic Business teachings, our Customer Service Training focuses on increasing confidence. This may be when faced with challenges and objections, problem solving or upskilling. The workshops teach the importance of effective communication. This is through advanced listening skills and superior questioning techniques. We also embed a structured Customer Service call etiquette system.

Marketing Training

Choosing the right Marketing Training is important. That is why our Holistic Business approach ensures all facets of your business are looked at and developed.

Our Business Growth assessments and developments include, but are certainly not limited to the following areas: Digital Marketing. Copyright and Content. Branding. Strategic Leadership. Marketing Communications. Product and Value Proposition. Customer Experience. And Sales.

D.I.S.C. Profiling & Training

The HBB Group’s Holistic Business model of Understanding Human Behaviour helps people understand “why they do what they do”. We believe this form of psychometric analysis is a simple tool that helps people read their colleagues, customers, and themselves! Our reports use your individual response data to provide a wealth of information about your professional priorities and preferences. We use this information to then educate how to better communicate with others and build team cohesion and workplace synergy.

IT Services and Consulting

IT Services and Consultancy

We collaborate with and advise our clients on technology, including auditing your strategic IT goals, independent audit and recommendations on your existing IT infrastructure, transition and innovation planning, budgeting and cost assessments, analysing business processes and facilitating IT project development and management.

Other Services

To best tailor a solution that is completely customised to your team and organisation, we suggest calling us to talk openly and freely to one of our Business Specialists.

We will outline clearly what it is you need, what you don’t need so you’re not wasting your time and money, and the specific steps ahead of you to grow your team and business rapidly and effectively.

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