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Healthy Business Builder specialise in customer experience and this encompasses every part of dealing with a customer or prospect. We work with companies to improve the way their people engage with their customers through their call and contact centres. A leading resource for contact and call centre training and staff coaching. We specialise in the design and delivery of customer-focused call centre training solutions for global brands across the Australasian region.

With over 25 years of contact centre training experience, HBB offers highly interactive and highly rated contact center instruction for customer care professionals. Our workshops focus on such critical areas as improving service levels, increasing employee engagement, increasing sales, optimising operations, and raising the overall value of the center (and consequently, the overall value of your organisation.) We are constantly updating and fine tuning our training to keep pace with the trends and challenges in the industry. Healthy Business Builder training reflects the most current best practices and research.

The below training process is what sets us apart from our competitors. All our training is customised and we deliver relevant modern call centre training delivered by professional trainers that gets results.

Here is our proven Call Centre Training Process A.C.T.C.:

Step 1. Assessment: Assessment of your team’s current ability through Double Jacking and listening in on live calls; benchmarking teams capability and selected informal interviews.

Step 2. Customising: Training and coaching program’s customised to your business and for your teams specific needs.

Step 3. Training: Call Centre Training Workshops that are practical and fun, and fit in around your team’s work load and call times.

Step 4. Coaching (optional): On the Job follow up and coaching is recommended to ensure that training content is implemented and reinforced.

Your call centre staff will learn in our one day workshop:

  • Why statements
  • Active listening
  • Asking quality questions
  • Overcoming objectives
  • Our R.E.S.T model
  • Building rapport
  • How to close the sale
  • Cold calling 101
  • When to escalate a call
  • How to conduct internal roll plays to bolster skills and new products or services

Your managers or team leaders will learn “Manager as Coach” in our one day workshop:

  • What coaching can do and what kind of return on investment to expect.
  • The role of a coach and common coaching challenges.
  • The fundamentals of praise and using praise as a motivator.
  • The role of feedback in correcting performance.
  • The development and use of the SAFE coaching model.
  • The fine-tuning of personal coaching skills.
  • Measuring the success of coaching initiatives.

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12 ‘How To Tips’ on Call Centre Training.

1. Introduce the team
Kick off training with an introduction and a strong “WHY” statement (why should we help the customer). If you have the budget it would be very beneficial to conduct some profiling on the team members so the understand themselves and better understand the customers response. Healthy Business Builder call centre experts recommend DISC (Insert Link) profiling as its easy, cost effective and very applicable.

2. Educate your new agents about your business
Your team, new hires and existing staff should have a comprehensive understanding of your business, product and call centre operations. They should also be provided information about company culture, mission, core values and understand their role in achieving business goals. With this understanding, your agents will be more prepared to interact with customers in a manner that is consistent with your business values.

3. Bring top-performing agents to training
Encourage your top agents to give practical tips on how to be a top performer. This will set the bar high for new hires and enhance their insight into how to effectively execute their job.

4. Explain their role in building customer relationships
A great way to enhance agent motivation to provide outstanding service is to help them understand the role they play in building customer relationships. Educate them on customer lifetime value as well as the cost of a bad interaction. Let them know how the quality of the service they provide impacts customer conversion, retention and loyalty. Once they have this understanding, they will be more motivated to provide top-notch service.

5. Teach agents call handling best practices
New agents should be provided examples of appropriate greetings, transfer techniques and how to end a conversation. Allow them to listen to recordings and also provide them with scripts. Encourage them to practice with each other until these become natural.

6. Teach agents call centre etiquette excellence
When your agents have a concrete understanding of what to say and what not to say, they will be more prepared to provide excellent service. Accomplish this by teaching them about call centre etiquette excellence and informing them of etiquette guidelines.

7. Educate them about their desired outcome
Their overarching goal (apart from providing amazing service of course) might be to increase sales, resolve a customer’s issue on first contact or resolve the customer’s issue as quickly as possible. Whatever the goal, agents should know it and know how to achieve it.

8. Show agents how to find answers to their questions
Have a knowledge base? Teach new hires how to use it. Have a technical support department? Teach agents how to conference them into a call. Have managers that are available to jump into a live call? Tell agents who to ask for help. Do they have a rock star agent in their department? Tell them who that is and when it is ok to ask for their assistance. Trainees will inevitably come across questions that they don’t know how to answer. Show them where to look and who to ask to help them resolve the issue.

9. Coach your agents individually
According to The Global Call Centre Report the time to proficiency can vary depending on;
a. The educational level of newly hired call centre agents
b. The complexity of the product or service
c. Training protocols
d. Management strategies

Keep this variation in mind when training agents. Keep your eye out for learning or knowledge gaps and do your best to adjust your approach to training in an effort to fill them.

10. Make sure your training is hands-on and practical
Agents often learn best by doing. Team up your agents and have them role-play common call scenarios. Allow them to get their hands dirty playing with your product. Give them sufficient hands-on time to learn your call centre software. These hands-on training experiences are essential to cultivating a capable workforce. Mostly all our call centre training delivered includes lots of role-plays.

11. Constantly evaluate their progress
Throughout the training program, consistently monitor agent performance and provide them with timely feedback. New hires should know exactly what is and what is not working so they can adjust their approach accordingly.

12. Training never stops
According to The Global Call Centre Report, experienced call centre agents receive an average of six training days per year. Make sure your agents keep their performance high by continually providing refresher courses, training on new products or software and training to enhance their professional development.

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