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Sales Training

Healthy Business Builder is Australia’s leading corporate Business Growth and Sales Training company. Most importantly, all our training programs are tailored to your business. Also, we deliver onsite at your place, or alternatively, via virtual platforms. So, contact us today to set up a free Professional Development and Sales Training discovery session. More over, explore our range of business growth and sales training services. And all delivered virtually or face to face, your choice.

Customer Service & Call Centre Training

We hold more than 30 years of Customer Service & Call Centre training experience. And that is why we are Australia’s best Customer Service training experts. In addition, all our programs are 100% customised to each company. And because of that, you will go through a highly interactive and positive learning experience. Ultimately, based on your needs, we can deliver onsite at your call centre or virtually through our online training workshops. Above all, we help you see the changes your team needs.

DISC Facilitating

For more than 30 years Healthy Business Builder has been improving the performance of Executives, Managers, Leaders and Salespeople. Particularly, we work with organisations across a broad range of Australian industries. Ultimately, we use a variety of psychometric analysis tools, including DISC, MBTI and HBDI. And all of this is with the goal of helping people better understand human behaviour.

Negotiation Training

We are Australia’s leading Business Growth and Sales Training experts. But Healthy Business Builder is also one of the country’s leading corporate negotiation training specialists. Most importantly, all our negotiation trainers are experienced business training professionals. Indeed, they have years of corporate negotiation experience plus specific expertise. So, contact us today to see how we can assist you or your executive team. And ultimately turn you into negotiation specialists.

Business Coaching

There are seven core coaching elements that we uses to create a customised program for our mentoring clients. And we adopt these elements in all our Business Growth and Sales Training workshops. Firstly, setting achievable GOALS. Secondly, DIRECTION and mapping out a plan. Thirdly, career ADVICE and profile building. Fourth, building MOTIVATION as well as, aligning goals to psychometric analysis. Fifth, business and personal COACHING. Sixth, tailored TRAINING and up-skilling YOUR role. And finally, 24/7 accessibility for support. Call for a Professional Development and Sales Training discovery session.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching offers business leaders the opportunity to work with one of our experienced business coaches. Specifically, the coaching focuses on improving individual performance and employee buy-in. Ultimately, coaches help leaders with their big picture planning. That is, to enable them to reach a higher level of success within their corporation. In the same way, our coaches are all well trained and experienced in bringing out the best in you. Ultimately, this results in bringing out the best in the people within your business. We can provide a comprehensive Professional Development and Sales Training assessment when you call.

A.D.D.E.D Professional Development and Sales Training



Benchmark your salespeople’s skills and talent, specifically to identify “gaps” in their performance.

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Build customer-focused selling skills, namely the ones that differentiate your sales team in a competitive market.

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The training workshops are customised and designed around your business and people. More over, they are not a generic off the shelf programs.



Through training reinforcement we ensure that your sales team is using the new skills back on the job. And ultimately drive results and in turn ROI.

develop design deliver


Our programs are measurable. That is, we have a proven track record on delivering increased sales, increased productivity and strong ROI.


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Motivation waning? Additionally, rather stay in bed than work on your business? Or chucking sickies? But the boss is you!

Simply feeling, meh? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. So many people are feeling this right now. You know, that –  “I gotta do this and that but I just couldn’t be bothered”. It’s got a name – Pandemic Procrastination. When you don’t believe in anything you’re selling, the wins just won’t come in and everything will soon become like wading through cement.

With that, here are 6 tips to get out of the I couldn’t bothered head space. And also, put pandemic procrastination well and truly to bed. Put simply, get stuff done. READ MORE

Healthy Business Builder’s Professional Development and Sales Training

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About Healthy Business Builder

For more than 25 years Healthy Business Builder has been delivering Sales, Marketing and Negotiation Training and more. As a team of specialists, we tailor the right business solution.

Every Healthy Business Builder consultant brings a wealth of national and international expertise to his/her role. We have all run our own businesses (many still do) and consult to large corporations, including multi-billion dollar multi-nationals.

A.D.D.E.D Business Growth and Sales Training


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One of Australia’s most successful corporate Business Growth and Sales Training organisations


Healthy Business Builder has been providing tailored Business Growth and Sales Training strategies since 2011. We are therefore, specialists at corporate training. That includes sales, negotiation, marketing, business development and management training, across a diverse range of industries. As a result, Healthy Business Builder has become one of the number one executive coaching firms in Australia.

We are part of the HBB Group and its flagship sales training business, the KONA Group. The KONA Group firstly, has been providing corporate sales, since 1999 to some of the fortune 500 companies. Similarly, the KONA group provides business coaching, sales and negotiating training. In addition it also provides elite customer service training including telemarketing and call centre training, as well as  D.I.S.C & Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Profiling.



Ultimately, the KONA Group helps people and businesses sell better with its philosophy “HOPE IS NOT A SALES STRATEGY”.


By working with the HBB Group our customers:
  • Sell better, at greater margins with better customer retention.
  • Make more calculated and informed decisions about how to lead and manage the sales team.
  • Build a SALES-centric, team-based business cultures that attracts and retains clients.
  • Get access to results proven sales methodologies for a more effective and sustainable sales team.


What does Selling Better look like for you and your business?
  • More knowledgeable, skilful sales leaders.
  • Sales strategies and processes that clearly guide the sales operation and sales teams.
  • Competent salespeople who can sell, negotiate and present compelling value propositions for both buyers and sellers.
  • Engaged and confident salespeople and leaders to lead to stronger retention.
  • A business that supports a superior customer experience, as well as focusing on continuous improvement to better sales results and at the same time target customer satisfaction.

Let the HBB Group’s Business Growth and Sales Training  specialists help you manage the complexity of Sales and Marketing.

The HBB Group’s complete sales solution covers all elements of Sales Strategy, Sales Processes and Salespeople. In addition, as with all of HBB Group’s brands, Healthy Business Builder’s services are completely customised and available in person and online.


You can speak to us about:
  • Auditing and developing effective Sales Strategies.
  • Auditing and developing Sales Market Segmentation and Strategic Account Plans.
  • Developing your Sales Processes.
  • Creating a sales profile, including for new and current employees.
  • Customising sales training for the classroom as well as in the field. Such as, solution and telephone sales, customer service, sales planning, prospecting, solutions selling, value-based selling, strategic and key account management.
  • Better prospecting, that is, in addition to solutions selling and value-based selling.
  • Developing Sales Management Teams, that is, with customised training. Such as, provide coaching support for sales leaders, performance management, as well as sales strategy.
  • Professional Development and Sales Training, that is for groups or one-on-one.
  • Sales consulting and as well as support services.
  • Innovative key note speakers for conferences and events.



Healthy Business Builder today to discuss your needs and current situation. Additionally,  we can set up a free discovery session to see how we can help your business. 


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