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Virtual Business Growth with Healthy Business Builder.

Healthy Business Builder’s Virtual Business Growth Program tailors the right business solution for you – all remotely.

The Virtual Business Growth program assigns you a Specialist Consultant to assess you or your team’s needs before developing a bespoke Digital Business Growth program to be digitally delivered to you and your team online in your own virtual comfort.

To discuss how Healthy Business Builder’s Virtual Business Growth Program can help you and your team, call us on 1300 833 574 or email – we are here to help.


 “As Leaders we ask ourselves in hard times can we afford to invest?
But the question we should ask ourselves in turbulent times, can we afford not to invest? You need to act now to secure your future pipeline.”

– Garret Norris | CEO HBB Group.


The Virtual Business Growth Program offers multiple disciplines, you may choose one or more of the below up skilling options, or we can help you design your own Virtual Growth Program, and as everything we do is tailored to you, we will then develop it and digitally deliver it to you online.

Virtual Business Growth Program Options:

  • Customer Service Training and Objection Handling
  • Tools to Support Your Customer Service Staff
  • Sales Training
  • Pipeline Management
  • Negotiation Training
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Management Mentoring
  • Key Account Management
  • DISC Profiling and Understanding
  • How to Manage Remotely
  • Virtual Training Protocols
  • Team Etiquette in Virtual Workspaces

Virtual Business Growth Through Real-Life Story-Telling Teaching

With the absence of a physical teacher interacting with participants, remote learning needs to be delivered in a captivating way through story-telling teaching methods to ensure e-workshop participants retain what they are being taught and can go on to apply their learnings once the e-workshop is completed.

SITUATION: Managers need to direct, support and manage their team remotely.

THE TEST: How does your team achieve Remote Results?

REMEDY: Stay close to your team during this time, through Virtual Business Growth and Training.

HEALTHY BUSINESS HELP: The Virtual Business Growth Program is designed to bring the learning to you and your team in a remote environment. Customised to the challenges your team is facing; the program is tailored to your challenges in areas of professional business growth. The Virtual Business Growth Program is structured so that the teachings are ongoing after the digital delivery, with the all e-workshops formatted in a way that participants can apply their learning in everyday task, as well as refine their business strategies as their skills develop – all done digitally and remotely. Start your Virtual Business Growth journey today! Contact Healthy Business Builder on 1300 833 574 or email:

DISC | Online Profiling and Debrief
Virtual Personal Development Delivered by an Expert

What is DISC?
DISC is a universal language of observable human behaviour. DISC is a very basic, yet powerful tool based on a four-quadrant framework created to define the common ways that all human beings tend to behave and communicate.

What Does DISC Measure?
DISC works out HOW we prefer to communicate as well HOW we should be communicated to and most importantly, how to read others and ourselves for better understanding.

There are many DISC models on the market that are less reputable, our DISC profiling tool is authentic and organic to the DISC theory itself, providing accurate feedback on all four behavioural styles to precisely depict each individual behaviour level without categorisation of individuals.

The FOUR DISC Behaviour Styles are:

  • Dominance – How we respond to problems & challenges.
  • Influence – How we respond to people & contact.
  • Steadiness – How we respond to pace & consistency.
  • Compliance – How we respond to procedures & constraints.

Where, When and How long?
Profiles are undertaken digitally and take no more than 20 minutes to finish and submit online. Once the report is processed and assessed, we then schedule you in for a one hour debrief session online form the comfort of your own home or office.

Your Investment

  • One profile with a one hour debrief | One to One: $260 + GST
  • Two profiles and a one hour debrief | One to Two: $390 + GST
  • Three profiles and a one hour debrief | One to Three:  $490 + GST
  • Four profiles and a one hour debrief | One to Four: $570 + GST
  • Five profiles and a one hour debrief | One to Five: $730 + GST
  • Larger groups can also be delivered

The motivation behind a DISC assessment is to ascertain how employees respond to rules, the environment, other people, and problems and challenges. The aim of the Profiling is to determine which key behaviour components will motivate employees to be more productive and communicate better. Understanding your style will help you know how you maximise your behaviours and identify behavioural traits in others, assisting you with:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Negotiation
  • Team Cohesion
  • Human Resources

As we are navigating through new uncertain times in business, many people are looking to the future. Some are pondering how they may structure teams and others are contemplating their next career move. Consequently, we are inundated with requests and we will book people on a first in first served basis. If you would like to secure your place, we advise that you book early. Contact Healthy Business Builder on 1300 833 574 or email:

1300 833 574

or email:

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