Never has customer trust been so important than now, during times of change, uncertainty and shifting behaviours.

How do you define these times? That unique period in your life when you spent more time at home than any other time. That is, not because you chose to, but because nature forced you to? Or the time when the world stopped, paused, reset then took off again? These are strange times where we find ourselves pondering a lot of things. That is, finding ways to cope with the new ways of living that’s emerged from the global challenges.

Brands across the board are revisiting their strategies. Ultimately, to deliver a sense of safety and customer trust amongst the larger community.

Humans are evolving, brands need to evolve with their customers.

The pandemic has created a shift in human behaviour. We are now seeking comfort and security to create a protected and sheltered environment for ourselves moving forward. But, isn’t that what humankind strives for all through the history of evolution?

While this is the case during the pandemic, the COVID-19 situation will cause a long-term psychological shift in how we do things. This makes it imperative for marketers to lead with agility. Also, the need to lead with a strong sense of emotional intelligence and adapt to change to EARN customer trust.

How do you change a customer’s cautious mindset to earn their trust again?


There are FIVE steps to Earn Customer Trust after COVID:


As humans and consumers we expect more consideration and down right tact from brands during testing times.

Marketing and brand alignment must address the issue directly and avoid being opportunistic. Brands must communicate their company’s purpose and values as well as unique selling position. This trend is expected to continue after COVID as well.

The Change: instead of resorting to product push strategies, large established brands will shift to heartfelt marketing to connect with customers on a more empathetic level.

But – this will not be the case for smaller brands. You will see SMEs begin to channel their powers towards bottom of the funnel products and services to achieve direct results to heal from the pandemic hurt.

No matter what the vintage of the brand, the era of ‘service with a smile’ has made a comeback and to accept it and taken on boards the techniques of what customer perceived value truly means, will truly define the success of brands.


We are creatures of habit indeed, but also when change comes in an unexpected forced form, humans begin to yearn for normalcy. Marketing that would have otherwise been given the go ahead to scream out loud and eccentric themes of being “outside the square” will be sidelined, at least for now.

DISC Profiling already indicates more than 70 percent of the population is S – Stable. Add to that the need for consistency in the face of uncertainty and the innate human psyche will call out for that status quo life once again. All the tried and tested, “safe” and previously boring aspects of our day to day will be the things we want back in our lives – the daily coffee run, F2F meetings and hanging around the water cooler.

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It is interesting to observe, in Abraham Maslow’s 1943 Hierarchy of Needs paper, which looks at human motivation, coming in at number four is Safety Needs. Fast forward more than seven decades later, and Safety is number one in a post-pandemic era.

Priority of health and hygiene are at the forefront of every consumer and in their decision-making matrix. Brands need to take that into account in all their marketing and consider it their S.M.A.R.T. Brand Positioning techniques.

Offers, deals and bargains will now take a back seat to health, wellness, and security in consumers’ minds. Brands that stay on the front foot of sanitation and safety will succeed post-COVID.



This is a time for when preparation bears its fruits. Businesses that prepared their war chest pre-pandemic are now the ones standing. Now those businesses are starting to work on refilling that war chest again “for next time”.The post COVID time is and will continue to be true test true of resilience of brands and their ability to scale and survive the uneasiness of not knowing what lies ahead.

Resilience is not only vital for business growth but also for consumer confidence – if a customer can see you made it through a pandemic with your head above water, even if somewhat scarred, you have their trust for life – in the customer’s eyes, they align your brand with survival, strength and of course, safety.

Brands with strong communication internally and externally, brands that prepare for tomorrow not just today, brands that have growth strategies in place before a crisis takes hold, and brands that have protocols and processes in place for change and adaptation are now and will continue to be the survivors and thrivers of the business world.

At Healthy Business Builder we practice what we preach, our many trusted brands are now rebuilding post-COVID and we are still and always will be here to help our loyal customers.

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