Do you have a business plan? Management is an extremely varied role that requires a considerable number of skills; communication, financial, and organisation are just a few that are needed. The team here at Healthy Business Builder Group could easily write 100 blogs covering every aspect of management, but right now we want to focus on one very important aspect – planning.

Planning and management go hand in hand, and the latter can’t survive without the former; here’s why.

You’re in charge of a lot of things!

From phones to furniture, computers, and equipment and this is before we talk about cash flow and balance sheets, there’s a lot that falls under ‘management.’ Effective planning allows you to keep on top of all these elements – and will enable you to react swiftly should an unexpected situation occur.

Basics techniques such as setting reminders for the staff reviews or knowing when your meetings are will really help you be the best manager you can be!

Systems need to work

Unfortunately, if management fails then often the organisation’s world stops turning. It’s up to you to have clear and effective systems that work, and that can expand and grow.

Good planning skills will allow you to develop a system that continues to work even if the organisation suddenly hits a bad patch! It will also help you create a system that everyone understands, and that works for each employee’s needs.

You’ve got a budget

We might dream of a bottomless budget which allows for every staff member to have a personal coffee machine and a top of the range computer, but that just isn’t a reality. To keep to your budget, you need to be able to plan.

But it isn’t just about planning for costs you expect; it’s about preparing for the unexpected. If you suddenly needed to hire would you have enough in your budget? What about in six months when you have a key person leave and it causes chaos?

Want to learn how to be a great manager?

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