Many consumers – and even salespeople – despise cold calling, and there is no doubt about that. However, truly effective salespeople know that to sell successfully, some amount of cold calling should be made. So, whether we like cold calling or not – it cannot be denied that it is still a critical element of many sales strategies these days.

Cold Calling: Why Businesses Still Do It?

True – cold calling is an effective strategy that cannot be mastered so easily. In fact, sales statistics say that it takes a teleprospector around 100-500 cold calls to qualify a lead. Sales reps are also said to spend up to 40% of their time looking for somebody to call – with 44% of salespeople giving up immediately after one-follow up.

There are a million ways to do it wrong which makes it easy for many business people to dismiss the whole tactic. Many anti- cold-calling advocates would even tell to try more powerful ways to build your client base including publishing books or growing your network. However, while these tactics work great, not everyone can write well or cannot wait long enough for their network to generate leads.

It is also worth noting that online tactics and cold calling have entirely different goals. Finding potential customers and making a connection are two separate things – which is why most companies these days still leverage the power of cold calling to source new business.

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Online Tactics vs Cold Calling: What Makes it Effective?

Below are the reasons why cold calling still works and why your sales force should be mastering this skill today.

It Helps Your Brand Stand Out Amidst Internet and Social Media Noise – The online landscape is getting more and more saturated as the number of ads, content, and interactions that take place increases. This means it is harder than ever to rise above the noise using the internet to reach new customers. According to studies, people would not buy without having some conversation with another person – hence the importance of cold-calling.

Cold Calling Provides Instant Feedback – When you send snail mail, email or even a Facebook message, you may wait hours or days for a response. In cold calling, you will know immediately if the person is interested or if you should move on and make your next call.

You Can Personalise Your Message As The Conversation Takes Place – Although a typical cold call follows a script, a good salesperson deviates from that script when needed. The choice of words can be adjusted based on what the other line is using, and the overall tone of voice can also be tweaked to make the message more personalised for that individual.

It is More Personal Than Other Channels – A salesperson with excellent cold calling skills does his or her research before they call someone. According to Entrepreneur, finding common ground with a potential customer, such as sharing the same alma mater or previously living in the same city, will instantly create shared experiences.

Cold calling still works, but only if executed properly and by using the industry best practices. By investing in a sales training program, you will be able to equip your sales force with relevant and latest cold calling techniques that will get your business more prospects than you ever did before.

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