You’re probably aware of this and may or may not have been guilty of this, but most sales reps use tactical approaches in selling. Their aim is generally to get a commitment to buy even when buying may not be in the customers’ best interest. If such is being taught in any of your company’s sales training programs or sales management training, take the lead and call their attention to it.

Selling doesn’t have to be done this way. You can do a good selling job without being pushy or without resorting to sneaky, dirty tactics or without having to sell your soul.

Here are several likeable techniques that’ll help you sell without practically pushing the customers to a wall. They’re not only a great sales aid, but they’re also a great morale booster, as they’ll make you feel good about yourself.

1. Make Your Customers Feel Really Special

Have them feeling like they belong to an exclusive club by, for example, providing them with special parking privileges or sending them an exclusive present or discount for loyal customers. A hand-written thank-you card does wonders too.

2. Share Your Secrets With Them

We’re not talking about your proprietary trade secrets or your original secret recipe of 111 Spanish ingredients, herbs and spices to make the world’s most magnificent Paella. No! We’re talking about building trust among your customers and sharing how you’ve managed to eliminate the middlemen, cut down your distribution costs to enable you to price your products’ cheaper for customers benefit because these are hard times or any other aspect of your business along the same vein.

Understand that sharing doesn’t mean undermining your position. In fact, it helps to gain new customers as this leads to establishing trust among them.

3. Look Into Demonstrating The “Emotional Benefits” Customers Get Out Of Your Product Or Service

Help them to be aware of the transformation they go through with the use of your product in terms of being more comfortable, happier, safer or more in control or being better socially accepted. Remember, a hair shampoo doesn’t just clean the hair. It also makes the user feel like they’re looking better, fresher and can be more socially accepted.

4. Tell Them Stories

Everybody loves a good story.  In your website, tell them about the many humps you had to overcome to be the successful business that you are today and make sure it’s described in an engaging way. A well-told authentic story will not only make you more trustworthy, but it will also encourage your customers to collaborate with you, giving them more of a stake in your brand.

5. Be Likeable

Selling is about people. Give your customers a chance to get to know you. Use whatever medium you can to show the other side of you and your business. Forget stock photos. Use shots of real people. Be a little personal in your blogs. and be conversational in tone. It’s been said often enough: People are most likely to buy from someone they know, like and trust.

So, starting today persuade yourself not to go selling your product like your customers are complete strangers. Treat them like friends. You might also want to share these with the guys who do your customer service courses or sales management training.

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