Getting the market to “know” your company is critical to your success, and a striking logo is the fastest way to make that happen.

But that’s not the only thing you need to accelerate your sales.

If customers actually “like” doing business with you, that’s a massive advantage as well, and one of the cornerstones we discussed yesterday.And it’s not just limited to customers – if your marketing and design are well thought out, people should like your company before they send you one penny – in fact, for many people, that will be the deciding factor for whether they do business with you or one of your competitors.

So how do we engineer this “likeability?”

It starts with your sales approach. Does your sales teams approach resemble the style of what customer expect today or are you stuck behind the times?

Is your product offering or service easy to navigate or is it jumbled with years of legacy?

Does your sales effort reflect how the new customer wants to buy or is it a stuffy mess of corporate boilerplate?

All these factors influence whether people feel positively about you when they first engage, and only then does your content/proposal get a chance to sway their opinion. If your sales approach is ugly – or even just old fashioned – your sales team will be combating that perception when they try to convince people that your company is thriving, up to date, and ready to help them.

On the contrary, if your approach is fresh, cutting edge, and energetic, customers will assume your company is similar – doing well – and feel positively about the possibility of doing business with you.

In fact, it’ll make prospect more likely to refer their friends and colleagues to you, even if they never intend to hire you themselves.

So designing a sales approach/strategy that helps people know, like, and trust your company has to be a top priority for your team if you want to drive sales.

Not sure yet how to get new propects to trust you?

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