Spring cleaning is a term which means a thorough cleaning of a house or a room. It is a tiring task, but highly necessary nonetheless. In the business context, spring cleaning means revisiting the basics of your business, improving what is working and fixing what is not, and clearing out any cobwebs that affect the operations of the organisation.

While spring is still months away, you don’t need to wait until then to spring clean your company. Here are some tips that will help you improve and supercharge your business today.

1. Focus on the Small Issues First

Just as with cleaning an actual house, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of how much work is in front of you if you’ve let things slide.

Start by identifying a small problem that you are certain is self-contained and easy to fix. It could be something as simple as changing a lightbulb on the signage or cleaning out the storage area — small, quick tasks are on the agenda here. The point is to get one completed task up on the scoreboard as quickly as possible to confirm that you are actually making improvements on your business.

2. Know Where You Spend Time the Most

There’s a way to know where you spend most of your time: knowing your “in-the-business” activities, and the “on-the-business” activities.

Due to limited resources, domain expertise, and many other factors, the business owner is usually the best person to be working in the business i.e. setting up supplier relationships, taking and fulfilling customer orders, answering phone calls, dealing with customer complaints and objections, and much more.

Over time, this dynamic change s, and as the business grows and achieves some stability, the owner does need to deliberately allocate more time to work on the business – identifying opportunities for growth, thinking of new initiatives, and conducting strategic planning.

In all, map out your workflow from start to finish if you really want to find out what’s slowing your business down. When you find out that you don’t have enough space for your on-the-business activities, you need to tweak your system. Remember, anything in the business can be outsourced or delegated, as long as you understand where your time should be spent.

3. Seek Help from an Outsider

It could be useful to have a professional perspective from an outsider to make sure you are on top of things. For instance, you can ask your business coach or consultant to have a look at your business processes to spot potential areas of improvement that might have been overlooked  because of your busy schedule.

Whether it’s fulfilling an order, optimizing your brand logo or dealing with sales pipeline, get an outsider into your business and try and talk them through a task. Simply explaining your approach to common processes out loud is guaranteed to highlight weak points in execution, and the external feedback you get will identify easy wins you might never have thought of alone.

4. Take a Break

As a business owner, you’re busy taking care of your business. But don’t forget to take care of the most important part of your business – you. Your business won’t be able to function properly if you are sick or worn down.

Make sure your physical and mental health are in shape. To get started, take a walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car in the farthest spot and read rather than watching TV. It is also important to eat well and get rest. Business owners often work long hours, so healthy food and sleep is vital to sustaining your energy.

With a spring cleaning, your small business will be organized and optimized to become successful. If you need a Business Coach that can help take your business to the next level, contact us today at 1300-833 574.