It has been a full-on year. So with that, here is a bit of comic relief. After all, laughter in leadership has proven to increase productivityRead through Our Top 10 Funniest Customer Service stories that have been recalled by Call Centre Officers. And – Send Us Your Funniest Customer Service Story! We would love to add it to our hilarious library.



Working in a call centre for a home doors supplier, a customer called me asking for a blue replacement door for their kitchen that she had for ten years.

I looked it up and informed her, that range never had blue doors. But she insisted it did. I asked her to send a picture please.

And then it twigged… I asked her to look at the corners and see if she could peel them away because it might just be a protective film.

hand peeling blue plastic film being peeled off flat surface for funny customer service stories

She put the phone down and 10 seconds later I hear: “Oh my god! It’s the white doors we originally ordered 10 years ago!”

It turns out that when her delivery arrived, she thought they sent the wrong colour but liked it, so built it with them anyway… we arranged for a white door to be delivered for her anyway. Thank you Jan, Well Done!



I work in home and contents insurance. A customer called in to make a claim on their insurance policy because their Xbox was on fire.

I asked how it had happened, if it had fused and caught fire and how he put it out?

A young gentleman replied, “it’s not out, it’s spreading through the living room”

The customer was advised to try to put the fire out or call 000 immediately, and then ring back later. WOW James, what a story.



Our hold recording had gone on the fritz.

So, we got Josh in Accounts to spend the morning singing Bruce Springsteen songs to our customers, while we put them “on hold”. That’s very funny and clever Jenny.

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When I was in the Navy, I worked for a 24-hour telecommunications centre.

The base was located in a high-end suburb, with neighbours in multi-million-dollar mansions on the beach.

At about 8:30 at night a lady called to complain about a plane’s noise – she asked, “Could we please organise to have the planes take off during the day!” She was very polite. Manners sure do make a difference Courtney, thank you.

large plane in blue sky flying very closely over a home for funny customer service stories




As a call centre supervisor, I was monitoring a call where the agent asked the customer for the model number of his satellite receiver.

The caller said one moment, in a frustrated tone.

After quite a while, he came back saying that he climbed to the roof and looked but could not find the model number and began with some colourful profanities.

the back view of a set top box model number for funny call centre stories

He was finally made to understand that what was requested was the number at the front of the set-top box.

Oh dear Mark, never forget, “The Quality of our Communication is measured by the response that we receive!




A customer called up once to complain their station wagon coffee cup holder was faulty, as every time she used it, her hot coffee would spill.

It took a bit of quality questioning to get to the core of her problem, she was using the car’s CD media tray. Nice story Stacey.




I remember once, back in the days as a call centre operator, I had to capture the customer’s first initial only and surname.

The first initial was M, and confirming it phonetically I asked, “is that M for Mike?”

A lady responded quite curtly, “No! It’s M for Margaret!” Ooops, it can happen Tobias.

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An irate elderly customer called our head office and said, “I have been calling your call centre on 1000 1800 for two days and can’t get through, I had to get my grand daughter to look up your head office number. What is going on?”

I asked her, where she got that number from?

She confidently replied, “It is on the door to the travel centre at the plaza.”

I politely explained to her, that they are the store’s opening hours. Jack no way!




I took a call from a woman whom I immediately recognised. She didn’t recognise me, until I started to laugh. That’s when she said, “Tim, is that you?”. I replied, “Yes mum, it is.” That was the best and funniest call I had. Absolutely brilliant story Tim.




The customer wanted me to say hello to her dog, so I did, and continued with the call. Each question I asked her, she asked the dog, and expected me to talk to the dog also. I obliged, and she purchased the product and all the upsells. Lucy this is what Customer Service is all about – the Emotional Contract. Well done!

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