In business, something worth doing well is worth documenting. That is why you want to fully communicate all aspects of what customer service means to your business. And also to your employees and your customers. A customer service charter is a written policy that communicates your business’s commitment to doing business with others. When writing a charter, you want to define the purpose. But also define your scope and standards of your business’s commitment to customer service. This is so that both your employees and customers know what to expect.

A customer service charter is not only vital for the niche of big brands, But it is also crucial for small and medium-sized businesses.

Why is a customer service charter so vital?

A customer service charter is a key tool that can help to improve your customer experience. And thus improve your profits and revenue across your business. The set of written promises outline the standards that you intend to uphold whenever and wherever you deal with customers. It acts as a guide for both your staff and your customers, letting your staff know what you expect from them and your customers know what to expect from you.

Although the cause of the problem may vary – usually finance, time, or employees – the underlying cause is almost always the lack of governance of the business. These issues should be addressed by the Customer Service Charter, which is an extremely important component that solidifies your agreement with your clients/customers.

Have You Got a Customer Service Charter


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