You see, there’s a lot of strategy that goes into designing a brand that can effectively represent a company’s values while simultaneously helping to create a positive association with its customers.

Do you know the three cornerstone goals that anchor all of the best marketing?

At the end of a campaign that really fires on all cylinders, your market should know, like, and trust your company, or at least the person you’ve made the public face of the campaign.

When you can tick those three boxes with a prospect, you’ve dramatically shortened the path it will take to turn them into a customer.

So how can design help you accomplish those goals?

For starters, there’s no better way to help people know and remember your brand than a striking logo. Think of the Nike “swoosh” – as soon as most people see it, they think “Just Do It, Michael Jordan, championships.” That’s a powerful association to plant in the mind of aspiring athletes, not to mention “weekend warriors” everywhere who dream of being a little more athletic than they are.

Even if you’re not running a million-pound ad campaign, your logo is the first impression most people have of your company. And especially today, when consumers are more distracted than ever before, it’s critical that you can stand out at a glance. When the average person sees hundreds of advertisements and brand messages per DAY, a memorable logo is an imperative.

What makes a great logo?

Well, I’m afraid that’s where this work gets a little complicated.

You want to make sure your logo is simple, though, uses striking colours/image, and – most importantly – is memorable, so that people think of your company as soon as they see it.

It’s a little hard to condense the art of a great logo into an article, but if you’d like to know more about how to create a striking logo for your company – and how a Healthy Business Builder Marketing Coach can help – we’d love to talk to you about the possibilities for your business.