How are you using the information and content in your DISC reports to create a leadership-coaching plan for your team members? Have you looked into DISC SMART?

Your first action is to sit with your team member and run through the complete DISC report. That is, you need to start by filling in the relevant sections. Ultimately, you should be addressing your team’s communication styles, motivators and management styles.

Next, decide on what the agreed styles and statements are. That is, go through the individual communication methods in the DISC report. This is so you can now use it to coach your team members. Put simply, this is the development part of your team. Next, start the plan of action.

Be sure to make the action plan DISC SMART™

The Healthy Business Builder Group have developed a new DISC SMART™ Report, that is the perfect companion to your team’s DISC report. It allows you to focus on each individual team member and create a working document that can be used as a live career plan or development plan and it can be rolled out for your entire team.

If you’d like to discuss anything DISC related including our new DISK SMART™ Leadership System or having new employees DISC profiled please contact us today to speak with one of our highly skilled accredited DISC business growth experts.

So, if it’s been a while since your team was DISC facilitated, speak to us about a half-day refresher training session. Alternatively, try our refresher session coupled with a customer profiling workshop. So much so, these are now one of our most popular DISC training sessions.

Learn more about DISC here.

Put your team ahead of the competition, get them on a bespoke HBB Group DISC Workshop. This can be onsite or virtual, it is all tailored to your team and up to you. Contact the HBB Group 1300 833 574 or email for an exciting conversation.

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