According to consumers, customer service agents failed to answer their questions 50% of the time.

Whenever a customer encounters a problem with your product, or even on your website, chances are they will reach out to one of your customer service agents first before they consider switching to some other vendor.

If the agent who spoke to this customer wasn’t knowledgeable enough about the issue or wasn’t able to speak fluently, the outcome of the call may not be as successful as your customer might have expected. This single horrible experience would lead them to leave your business and even spread a negative word-of-mouth about your company.

For every customer calls, the name of your business and your relationship with that customer depends on the efficiency of your call centre, specifically how effectively the customer gets a credible response. First Call Resolution (FCR) takes place when your business can address your customer’s need the first time they call, thus eliminating the need for the customer to follow up with a second call.

Here are 7 tips that your company can implement to achieve First Call Resolution: