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Employees are the most valuable part of any business. They make it possible to operate day-to-day. Retaining staff is one of the biggest issues faced by many industries.

Managers try to do right by their staff, whilst ensuring the business is running to it’s full potential and that can be tough.

How can you not only hire the right people, but also keep them?


Here we will give you 4 strategies to help with improving staff retention.


1. Have A Recruitment Policy

  • Ensure that procedures are followed when hiring new staff members.
  • Include detail in the application and interview process.
  • State clearly the requirement for references and background checks.


2. What Are You Looking For?

  • Think about what role you are advertising for.
  • What are the attributes and qualifications needed to be part of your team?
  • Have a checklist.

    Employee Turnover Rates by Industry (2019, 2020, 2021)

3. Have Clear Contracts

  • Include qualifications, hours, breaks, leave entitlements, probation and contract type.
  • Pay rate and pay cycle.
  • Outline important company policies.


4. Be The Leader

  • Have clear instructions so that your staff know what they are doing and where they can go for support.
  • Support and Supervision is a must.
  • Demonstrate & Motivate.
  • Consider the wellbeing of employees.
  • Ensure you are providing an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages prosperity and growth.


Supporting your staff is key. Everyone works better with recognition and praise.

Think about how you can work together to make the work environment a positive place.

If you find that you have a high turn-over of staff, it may be time to consider implementing strategies to help your team members want to stay.


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