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Healthy Business Builder specialise in customer experience and this encompases every part of dealing with a customer or prospect. We work with companies to improve the way their people engage with their customers through their call and contact centres. A Leading Resouce for Contact Centre Training and Coaching We specialise in the design and delivery of customer-focused call centre training solutions for global brands across the Australasian region.

With over 25 years of contact center training experience, HBB offers highly interactive and highly rated contact center instruction for customer care professionals. Our workshops focus on such critical areas as improving service levels, increasing employee engagement, increasing sales, optimising operations, and raising the overall value of the center (and consequently, the overall value of your organisation.) We are constantly updating and fine tuning our training to keep pace with the trends and challenges in the industry. HBB training reflects the most current best practices and research.

Your managers or team leaders will learn:

  • What coaching can do and what kind of return on investment to expect.
  • The role of a coach and common coaching challenges.
  • The fundamentals of praise and using praise as a motivator.
  • The role of feedback in correcting performance.
  • The development and use of the SAFE coaching model.
  • The fine-tuning of personal coaching skills.
  • Measuring the success of coaching initiatives.