One of the key differentiators between winning brands and feeble ones is that the latter is selling their “What” (product) instead of their “Why” (vision). This is according to Simon Sinek, an author and speaker, best known for the 2nd most-watched TED talk of all time regarding the Golden Circle.

Truth be told, most companies start their sales on-boarding process by communicating their ideas starting from explaining what they want to do, then they proceed to how they are going to achieve that, and finally try to convey why they actually do what they do.

According to Sinek, the greatest business leaders and brands actually do it the opposite way: they start with communicating why they do what they do. By doing so, these successful leaders are able to sell their vision instead of the products, and that’s what eventually makes their sales efforts much more successful.

But why does selling vision make more sense? Here’s why:

Why Selling Your Vision is Easier and Makes More Sense?