What does Selling Your Vision really mean? The key differentiators between winning brands and feeble ones are the latter is selling their product instead of their vision. Truth be told, most companies start their sales on-boarding process by communicating their ideas. That is, starting from explaining what they want to do, then they proceed to how they are going to achieve that. And then finally they try to convey why they actually do what they do.

In contrast, the greatest business leaders and brands actually do it the opposite way. That is: they start with communicating why they do what they do. By doing so, these successful leaders are selling their vision instead of the products. By Selling Your Vision you eventually make your sales efforts much more successful.

It is this reversal of the order that allows these leaders to sell a vision instead of a product. And that’s what eventually makes their pitch so effective.

Selling Your Vision – In Small Doses

Firstly, you need to address the difference between what you have to offer now and what the customer wants in an ideal solution.

Do you have an existing company vision statement? What does it look like? aLSO, Instead of merely describing what your company is already doing, start by asking yourself why do you do what you do. It might not be easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Selling your vision will lead to selling your product or service.

A vision statement starting with “why” helps you adopt a broader view of what you ought to be focusing on. Additionally, it also forces you to look beyond the scope of what’s happening in the present. That is, to see if what you’re doing is still in line with your goals. Discuss your vision with your team. Also, get them to share theirs too. It is important to find a common ground. If there is none, it might be much better for everyone if they find somewhere else that shares their vision.

But why does Selling Your Vision make more sense? Here’s why.

Why Selling Your Vision is Easier and Makes More Sense?

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