A business, regardless of its size and industry, operates on three tiers. Firstly, what they do. Secondly, how they do it. And finally, why they do it. The first two levels are likely axiomatic to most businesses. However, only a handful of business owners genuinely know why they do what they do.

Knowing your why statement in business is so important for it serves as the foundation for every decision you will ever make. Your why is the purpose, the cause, or the belief that drives your organisation to exist. Without it, you cannot set your brand apart. That also means that your why statement is what inspires your audience to visit your website. Or spread your message And eventually buy your products.

Needless to say, if you do not understand the purpose of your business, then how will you set your brand apart from your competition? Or even establish a productive and efficient sales team?  One of the defining characteristics of a great business leader is having determination and purpose. The downfall of many a failed CEO has also been attributed to their lack of vision. And in many cases, with 20-20 hindsight, it is easy to understand and sympathize with a leader’s vision as well.

Therefore, learning how to define your why statement is crucial before you even start your business. Here is how you can create your why statement:

1. Know the Qualities of Your “Why”

Your why statement should be:

– Simple and clear

– Actionable

– Focused on how you will help others

– Expressed in positive language that resonates with your people.

Your WHY statement should be able to capture all of the qualities we just mentioned—and it should be able to do so in a single sentence.

2. Determine Your Why

To determine your why, ask yourself:

– What is our business’s purpose?

– What is the cause we are working toward?

– What is our core belief?

– Why do I get out of bed in the morning?

– Why should anyone care?

3. Draft Your Why Statement

As previously mentioned, your why statement should be expressed simply but effectively. A simple format that you can use is this:

“To __________ so that __________”

The first blank represents your contribution — the contribution you make to others (employees and customers) through your WHY. The second blank represents the effect of your contribution.

Draft as many why statements as possible until you find the one that resonates with you the most. Once you have chosen a meaningful why statement, you need to communicate it to your people in order for it to be realized.

An effective why statement will not only help you attract and close deals with people who are driven by the same cause or belief but will also help your business operate efficiently and effectively for the long haul.

To learn more on how Healthy Business Builder can help you define and fulfill your “Why” statement, contact us today on 1300 833 574 or email us on info@healthybusinessbuilder.com


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