Christmas time is all about giving, and we all give in a different way.

Research tells us that there is a direct link between generosity and happiness.

What do the gifts we choose reveal about our personality?


Gift giving can:
  • Show you care about others
  • Support social bonds
  • Help maintain connections

Gifting can be a reciprocal act- or- it can show your appreciation and establish connections.


Here are four common gift-giving personality types:


From The Heart

This gifting style typically:

  • Love giving gifts
  • Put a lot of thought and effort into presents
  • Focus on the individual and think about what they would like
  • Reflect on what their gift says about them
  • Worry about the value of the gift to the person rather than cost


The Mad Rush

Many people leave Christmas shopping to the last minute. But impulse buying doesn’t always mean the person cares less.

It can mean they are just disorganised.


The Christmas Rush........



Recent studies show us more than 50% of Australians prefer to give a useful gift rather than a meaningful one.

Typically, this gifting personality will opt for a gift card or cash.


Keep It Simple

As the saying goes, “good things come in small packages”. People who give small and simple presents usually show care and control.

Often simple gifts are not like last-minute gifts. They’re something small and simple that really comes from the heart.


Best Small and Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas in 2022 | HealthNews


Want to know more about your gifting personality?


DISC profiling gives you an understanding of how you are perceived by others and gives you a language to discuss your behaviour and communication style.

DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) is a complex model made simple by years of research and practice.

It identifies behavioural styles that can open your eyes to improving your interactions with others.

“DISC is the ultimate ‘mirror on the wall’ that explains what everyone else can see: the surface level of who you are – your behaviour.”




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