“Customer service is not a department; it is everyone’s job”. And no business concept has ever been more important than to provide the right kind of customer centric service through the purchasing process. And finally through the post-purchase process.

That means that all employees need to understand the importance of customer-centricity. That is, whether they have direct engagement with customers or not.

However, bear in mind that even with the most advanced tools and methodologies, a business cannot achieve a customer centric transformation if it lacks the culture that supports them to do so.

Becoming a customer centric company is not an overnight feat or an ultimate destination. It is a multi-faceted, day-to-day journey. That is, one that requires the full involvement of everyone.

What does it mean to become customer centric?

Most of us use it in the sense of putting the customer at the centre. Realising that, regardless of time, creating customer value and really putting customers first. That is, beyond a simple customer focus. Consequently, it generates the longest-lasting business value. In this sense, it’s a common language.

Being customer centric is more than just saying the customer is top of mind. It is about truly understanding the customer, so you can anticipate their wants, needs and communication preferences, create meaningful experiences, and build lasting relationships with them. And that is easier said than done.

To help, we have compiled some tips and tricks that can help you embed a culture of customer centricity in your business.

Tips to Embed a Culture of Customer Centricity


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