Losing a potential customer that we thought has already made a firm purchase decision is truly disheartening, just imagine all the efforts and resources go to waste. Such experiences can cause us to lose our confidence and question whether we are even capable of attracting new clients to our business. However, despite this discouraging experience, we must not lose our focus and should identify the reason why an almost done-deal came undone.

According to statistics, only 3% of potential customers are actively seeking for the right solution provider.  It means that only 3 out of ten people who enquired about your offerings are actually looking at doing business with you. When you successfully convinced them about your product or service – you need to close the deal F-A-S-T.

Unfortunately, that is the area where many sales professionals lose traction. Not all sales agents know this but the longer a deal takes to close, the less likely it will. Therefore, time is the #1 killer of all sales deals.

The #1 Killer of All Sales Deals - And What to Do About It