One of the trends that are being followed by many companies today is the informal information. It’s a fairly new buzzword, primarily driven by the new communication technologies that have emerged in the market over the past decade. Simply put that informal information means speaking the same language as your customers and using their preferred channels to make these communications.

Speaking the same language doesn’t necessarily mean using the exact same ‘language’ as your customers use, e.g., English. This means that the language you speak should mean something to them. When your business is tied to its brand terms or industry jargons when communicating with your customers, then you are simply confusing them. If that happens, customers can just go elsewhere to find another company that understands them and that they understand. That’s why this concept is very important to learn these days.

To help you out, we’ve compiled in this infographic some strategies that will help ensure that you are speaking the same language as your customers.