One of the trends that we are following as corporates today is informal information.

It’s a fairly new buzzword. Primarily it is driven by our new communication technologies that have emerged in the market over the past decade.

Simply put, informal information means speaking the same language as your customers.

That is, using their preferred channels to make these communications. Learn How to Speak to Customers in the Same Language.

Speaking the same language doesn’t necessarily mean using the exact same ‘language’ as your customers use.

For example, Mandarin or English.

This means that the language you speak should mean something to them. That said, when your business is tied to its brand terms or industry jargon you simply will confuse your customers.

If that happens, customers will just go elsewhere.

That is, to find another company that understands them and that they understand. That’s why this concept is very important to learn these days.

Knowing How to Speak to Customers is vital for business survival. 

How to Speak to Customers

Your team and organisation will be much more productive when your people learn how to talk to customers using these top 10 techniques:

  1. Less Chatter More Active Listening
  2. Keep to Topic
  3. Customer First and Always
  4. Infectious Positivity
  5. Change to a Help Mindset
  6. Personalise Your Approach
  7. Keep it Simple and Courteous
  8. Always Follow Up
  9. Learn Objection Handling
  10. Always ask for Feedback


To help you out, we’ve compiled in this infographic some strategies that will help ensure that you are speaking the same language as your customers.


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