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Sales Management Training

The Manager as Coach Program will ensure that your managers are trained on how to actually Coach the training with methodologies, approaches and techniques, to ensure ongoing success.

Manager as Coach Program include:

  • Performance Coaching vs. Mentoring vs. Managing
  • Coaching a team with mixed experience and tenure
  • Running an individual and group coaching session
  • Using assessment tools to Assess Performance
  • One on one coaching
  • Giving Feedback
  • Having Crucial Conversations with None Performers

Expected Outcomes:

In short, this Sales Management Training and Coaching program gives your Sales Managers the practical, effective and ‘real life’ skills, tools and methodologies that will;

  • Increase sales, profits and Sales Resource ROI
  • Get more sales people on target
  • Have managers spend less time behind the desk and more time coaching their people
  • Build a realistic Pipeline and forecast of Opportunities
  • Increase in overall performance, effectiveness, productivity and accountability of the sales team
  • Potentially lose ‘oxygen thieves” (sales people who just were never going to make it)