peter ollerton

Peter Ollerton

Sales Strategy Specialist

Peter is a sales and business growth specialist with international experitise.

With over 40 years’ experience globally across a multitude of technology industries, Peter sets an industry benchmark in IT Growth and Sales training.

As a highly respected business operator, Peter excels across all platforms and has helped teams as well as individuals in global corporate companies through to SME and small business.

Peter’s training comes from experience and his knowledge comes from having done what he teaches. He ran his own successful businesses in the 90s. His skill set lies in creating and improving small to SME businesses in the sales and business management arena, having built and trained many sales teams over the years.

With speciality skills in Hospitality and ICT, his leadership over the years has helped create fantastic year on year growth through training and retraining of sales teams to help overachieve their targets and KPIs.

From SaaS and Cloud Solutions to analytics in revenue generation and streaming video solutions Peter is considered a true pioneer in many new products and verticals.

Real world experience across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific and involvement in five start-ups has provided a well-rounded and grounded wealth of knowledge to be tapped.

The KONA Group is pleased to have Peter as a valued member of the consulting training and business growth team. Peter is an asset to the group as well as to our customers and clients.

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