No doubt, customer servicing has always been a part of most sales management training, call centre training and customer service courses. but back off a bit, pause and try to recall if you’ve seen something like this scene played out in any of your travels:

The scene is a medium size hotel lobby. You’re seated just a few meters away from the front desk, and you can hear guests arriving. They’re being warmly greeted by the hotel staff by their first name, and there were friendly hellos and “how’s your dad doing?” and “So, your wife has given birth. Is it a boy or a girl? Congratulations!” and this just goes on and on.

I’ll have to wonder… are you and your sales reps as engaged as these hotel people with their guests? Have you built the top quality relationship that they have built? Obviously, these hotel guests don’t check in everyday or every week, but these front desk pros have mastered the personal info about their guests. They seem to even have anticipated the questions the guests were going to ask because they were giving information to everyone who arrived.

These included dinner suggestions, fitness centre information, what’s happening at the hotel bar during happy hour and the hours the front desk will be there to help them with any concern. This was something else! You’ll have to admit; this was beyond servicing. This was serving.


You get to hear the word servicing rather too often. Sales reps service the account. The banks take pride in servicing their special clients, and they most probably do. But don’t you think servicing is a bit too cold, too technical and so “un-people”? You can talk about your car being serviced or your air-conditioning system servicing being done yearly.

Is this the be-all and end-all that sales reps should try to achieve?

Servicing tells you it’s about attending to details, giving clear answers and responding promptly and they’re truly important but where’s the “Wow!” in that. Sure, they’ll make a sales rep reliable, but not proactive, not caring, not a highly desired business partner.


Serving sets an entirely different standard. At its most basic idea, it tells the sales reps the customer is a human being and not some piece of equipment. It tells the sales reps that in any business relationship, it’s the human aspect that is paramount. Serving is warm. Servicing is cold.

Put these in your minds: Serving a client or even just a prospect includes such things as:

1. Understanding customers’ needs at a deep level.

2. Helping the client identify and anticipate needs they may not yet have realized.

3. Thinking about how to make a client’s job easier.

4. Being loaded with ideas and options that relate well to established needs and wants.

5. Knowing something about the customers’ life and family as in the hotel scene.

Be honest. Are you guilty of servicing instead of serving? To be the top sales rep, you’ve got to think that servicing is the minimum you need to do. Serving is the magical icing on the cake!

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