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When you think about your Sales Performance of your business what keeps you awake at night? Can you Afford $250,000 per year to hire the calibre of Sales Director you need?

  • Your Sales Manager isn’t up to it and you don’t have the time to drive the team (or has/she just left)
  • Your Sales People are not being lead, coached, motivated or driven
  • Your current Sales Manager needs to be mentored and helped
  • Future results do not look good and you can’t see any real Plan of Action to change it
  • Your Sales Strategy is not being executed
  • Your market is changing and your share is not keeping up
  • You know you need to do something, but not sure how or where to from here

Healthy Business Builder’s Interim Sales Director will work as your Sales Leader and be focussed on building and developing the total sales capability of your sales team.

This would see HBB’s Interim Sales Director :

  • Develop a total sales strategy – ensuring that a fresh, disciplined and expert approach is taken to maximising each and every product, geography, channel and sales person;
  • Establish crystal clear plans of action – ensuring that every sales person – and associated support people – is completely clear on the actions they need to take in the sales arena over 90-day horizons;
  • Lead sales – working in the field identifying, opening and closing opportunities and supporting the sales team in their execution of the agreed action plans.
  • Drive performance – by building the capability of each sales person, in the field, and ensuring that they are held genuinely accountable for the successful execution of their sales plans;
  • Build ‘benchstrength’ – ensuring that the ‘refreshed’ way of driving sales is embedded and able to be led by an Internal Manager upon our hand over. This focus could include ensuring there is a pipeline of talent already identified in the event that any of the current sales people fail to meet their objectives.

Interim Sales Director – Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Perth | Adelaide | Hobart | Auckland | Christchurch

Sydney Head Office: Suite 2, 11 Phillips Street Neutral Bay NSW Australia 2089.
Melbourne Office: Suite 2, 432 Smith Street Collingwood Victoria Australia 3066.


Call: 1300 833 574 | SMS: 0481 965 405 | Email:

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