Friends are one the people in our life that we surely dear and treasure. To reference Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, having a friend is part of our love and belongingness needs. Ever since we were a child, many of us have that someone whom we can’t wait to share our newest interest, opinions, ideas with. Wonderful people as they are, so we also give to them our absolute loyalty and devotion.

However, friends don’t always know what’s best for us.

While they may stand by our side through thick and thin, friends often provide horrible advice when we most need it. We most likely befriend people who have the same quality as us, and as such, we perceive them as a group of people whom we can share our struggles with, overlooking the fact that they also have the same weaknesses we have which makes them prone to the same mistakes we make.

In this infographic, we will discuss why your friends should stay as your friends, and everything you ought to know in life and in work should be left up to to the experts.