Consumer loyalty is important to the growth and profitability of your business. The more customers you’re able to retain, the more they’re likely to return and buy your products again or avail of your service.  On the other hand, if they’re unhappy with your service, they’ll not only not come back, they’ll tell other people what a poor customer service you’ve got.

Surely, these are information you’ve learned from any of your company’s customer service courses or sales management training.  Great. Then let this serve as a mini refresher’s course or a set of reminders.

The chances of you retaining your clients are high if you show them you care.

Here’s what you can do to show you care:

Send Them Useful And Relevant Information

Your customers came to you because you had a product or a service they couldn’t get on their own. Therefore, any useful information that will get them to appreciate better what you do and how important it is to them can be pretty helpful. Send them product reminders and updates or trade journal articles, especially if it concerns a product they had previously bought from you. This will say you’re thinking about them and want what’s best for them.

Write Them

On special occasions, birthday or birth of a child in the family, mailing a handwritten card with sincere notes from you will do wonders. Also, you might want to try emailing newsletters with a personalized touch.

Call Them

Take some time to give your customers and clients a call, just to see how things are with them and if there’s anything they might need from you. It helps the bonding and builds trust and confidence. After doing a service or selling an item to a customer, follow it up with a phone call. Ask if he/she needs additional help with the product and to make sure the product’s instructions are being followed correctly. Before you hang up the phone, let him know you’re there to help and to give you a ring if any concerns about the product or service come up.

Offer Special Discounts And Promotions

When you make these offers, you’re telling your clients that you care and value their business. If you’re in the auto and vehicle servicing, you might, for example, offer your customers a discount for a change oil every three months. Or, as a certified Professional accountant (CPA), you might call clients at the start of the year and enjoin them to begin gathering the important tax records and offer them a discount for using your services again.

Stay In Touch Via The Social Media Networks

In this day and age where social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn plays a big part in our lives, it’s easy and convenient to stay in touch with your clients and customers. You’ll get fast feedback and act on them.

Invite them to check out and like your Facebook page and tell them about your Twitter. Keep your pages active and updated. You can also use social media to promote tips, sales, and promotional offers. Participate in the conversations. Create alerts, so you’re constantly aware of what people are saying about your company and your business. Send them personalized thank-you messages and incentives in social media.

These are simple things you can do now. Do them. They’ll tell your customers you care.

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