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Does Your Organisation Have a LURVCAT Diversity Protocol in Place?

Diversity and inclusion are qualities and characteristics that distinguish us from one another. Throughout our life, our unique biological and genetic predispositions, experiences, and education alter who we are. That is, as an individual person. Fundamentally, these experiences are what diversify and evolve our community. And also, they allow us to connect and learn from each other. That said, the number of factors that define diversity and inclusion is truly unlimited.

So how do we include everyone yet still maintain function in the workplace? Establishing and following through on a commitment to inclusion in your workplace is crucial. By doing so, you ensure employee satisfaction. And thus, retention. Here are the 7 Key Factors of Workplace Inclusion that make up your LURVCAT Diversity Protocol.

LURVCAT Diversity Protocol

1. Listen

Fundamentally, when your employees feel like they “have a voice,” they’re more likely to share their challenges and opinions with you and other colleagues. Do your managers and leaders know how to actively listen to their team?

The Growing Importance of Creating an Inclusive Workplace


2. Uniqueness

Crucially, each one of your employees needs to feel special among their peers. Additionally, they need to feel their company cares about their individual strengths and experiences. That is, acknowledging they are contributing to the organisation on a daily basis.

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3. Respect

Respect exists when your employees perceive their uniqueness is valued by your organisation. That is, they can bring their whole and authentic selves to work. And that includes those aspects of their identity that distinguish them from the majority in your organisation.

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4. Valued

When your employee feels their voice and unique self are appreciated, there is in turn, a greater sense of value and satisfaction. And with that comes a great want to impress and produce results.

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5. Connection

Your employee’s sense of connection to the company is built predominantly on belonging. That is the feeling that they are a part of an environment that knows and values them. Keep the connection strong between employees, colleagues, departments, management, and leadership teams.

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6. Access

Access to resources, support from managers, diversity and affinity groups, help employees know their organisation is committed to their well-being and growth. When you increase access to your employees you are also increasing retention rates.

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7. Training

Employees that have access to learning and development opportunities know their company cares. It is that simple. They understand that their ideas, aspirations, and growth actually mean something. And as such, they will use that training to improve their performance to maintain their appreciation.

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With these LURVCAT Diversity Protocols in place, you will see your employees become more willing to share their diverse ideas, perspectives, and experiences. In inclusive work settings, diverse employees bring their whole selves to work and organisations can benefit from their differences. Also, workers in inclusive work settings experience higher levels of well-being, supporting employee engagement and productivity. And this all ultimately leads to results and definite ROI.


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