One of the most common yet often unnoticed process that most of us often experience on a daily basis is a negotiation.

During an average day, people may negotiate with the bank manager over the terms of a business loan, or with a supplier about a problem with the raw materials, or simply with his/her child, over who will walk the dog.

Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or social status, negotiations are well-engrained activity in our society and is crucial in influencing other’s people’s decision and achieving personal objectives.

It’s not only a common activity but also essential to living an effective and satisfying life.

Once fully mastered, it can help you achieve the goal without being detrimental to anyone.

One must fully understand the proper negotiation procedure first in order to ensure its success.

In this post, we will help you follow a structured approach to negotiation, allowing you to reach an agreement where both you and the other party gain something.