It has been recently reported in the media that the idea of careers

 based in outer space is ‘on the horizon’, and we are not talking astronauts. We are talking space-based retailers, drone pilots, everyday business’ operating from space, the list goes on.

You may find yourself asking ‘Why would anyone want to work from space?’. Well, here are 5 “silly” benefits of running company conferences in outer space!


1. No Chairs Necessary

Holding a meeting in outer-space will mean you are in a zero-gravity atmosphere and therefore no need to stress about having enough chairs to facilitate the conference attendees! Not to mention your laptop & folders will be lighter to carry.


2. Don’t Spend Hours Staring Into Your Wardrobe

Are you tired of spending time each day finding the right corporate attire to wear to your business meetings? Having conferences in space means everyone will be in their spacesuits!
You won’t need to worry about outfit repeating, and no need to iron your shirts or rush to the dry cleaners.



3. Get Through A One Hour Meeting In Just 0.0026 seconds

The clocks in space tick much slower than clocks on Earth, hence covering less time compared to Earth in the same duration. One hour on Earth is 0.0026 seconds in space. When a meeting is called, you will no longer need to block out an hour or so of your schedule, it will be over before you know it!


4. Neil Armstrong Will Have Nothing On You

One of the great benefits of hosting a work conference is space is that you can let your company’s flag fly there! What could be better advertising than to be the first to put your company’s logo in space? Move over, Neil.







5. No Shredder Required

Number 5 is arguably the biggest benefit of working in outer-space. There will be no need to lug that office paper shredder all the way to space. Just simply throw your used paper into a black hole and voila! No need to waste time shredding it.



We all adapted to diverse work settings in the past two years. What seems now to be a farfetched idea of companies operating from space, may actually be closer than we think.


Would your business be open to the notion of packing up and moving the team to work from space?