A Strong Business Leader has exceptional people-skills

They use influence, not intimidation, to guide their team in achieving company goals



They are confident, self assured, use eye-contact and keep their ego in check.

A strong leader will:
  • Empower their people
  • Allow everyone to feel comfortable
  • Mediate when necessary

Here are 3 crucial tips to becoming a strong business leader



1. Monitor Your Tone

Research shows that tone of voice is a major reason for misunderstandings. Strong leaders are mindful of their tone regardless of the situation.

The aggressive leader will – use a tone that create resentment, fear and hurt.

The strong leader will – use a tone that is smooth and even.

The message will be the same from both- but the delivery makes a world of difference.


2. Keep A Slow But Sure Pace

When it comes to asking questions, a strong leader will:

  • Give listeners time to listen and respond accordingly
  • Pace their questions

An aggressive leader will quickly fire questions at you, causing confusion, worry and frustration.


3. Have Clear Motives

Consider whether you are driven by emotion, or if you are attentive and purposeful when communicating. Having clear motives when communicating with your team will help you avoid confrontation.

Having a strong approach delivers the same point as having an aggressive approach, without you coming across as oppressive.


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