Your relationship with your manager is critical.

They have a big impact on how you feel about coming to work and what your job looks like day-to-day. Sometimes, you may even have to manage them in order to keep things operating smoothly. There are numerous undesirable traits that you wouldn’t want to see in any co-worker, though here you will find a more specific list of qualities that when present in a manager, can be detrimental to employees.


6 Ways To Build a Stronger Relationship With Your Boss

1. Take The Initiative

2. Structure Appropriate Discussion Time

3. Use Personal Communication

4. Maintain A Positive Work Ethic

5. Ask For Feedback

6. Talk About Goals


Here Are 10 attributes That Make A Bad Manager:



1. Micromanages

This type of manager will only see one way to do things and any other way is frowned upon whether is works or not. Micro-managing creates an environment where there is no room for mistakes and managers will tend to really criticise minor issues and ignore the bigger issues that truly need attention.


 2. Doesn’t Show Appreciation

Everyone likes to receive compliments & encouragement when it comes to their work. If your manager is not taking any time to acknowledge when you are doing a good job and only seems to notice the negative, this will quickly lead you to lose motivation. A good manager will give credit where it is due.


3. Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ Attitude

This manager will tell their employees how busy things have been and how everyone needs to chip in more than usual to help out, whilst simultaneously leaving early themselves for no particular reason. They fail to lead by example and this ultimately lowers workplace morale.


4. Displays Favouritism

It is not uncommon for a manager to relate more or have more in common with certain team members over others, however if it leads to them treating their work differently or providing them with more assistance, it can become favouritism. They may listen more to the opinions of those they get along with on a personal level, which will trigger others to disengage.


5. Doesn’t Show Compassion

A bad manager doesn’t show empathy to their team members and may struggle to recognise their own emotions. They will not be concerned when their employees are burnt out and won’t make any effort to understand their team’s needs, or value their mental well-being. Effective leadership entails being in-tune with what your employee’s are facing.



6. Ignorant To Toxic Team Members

Good employees can take it personally when a manager is complacent about toxic people within the team. Very little will turn away a loyal and trustworthy employee quicker than seeing their manager ignore when a particular person is continually doing the wrong thing.


7. Has Unrealistic Expectations

A bad manager does not see the distinction between over-working their team and challenging them. This type of manager will not ensure employees are clear on what their responsibilities are and will set impossible standards.


8. Doesn’t Display Workplace Values

When a manager’s day-to-day behaviours contradict workplace values, it will inevitably lead to staff ‘jumping ship’. No matter how much they may try to instil the values in the team, actions speak louder than words and if the actions are not being demonstrated, employees will rapidly burnout.


9. Poor Listener

If a manager is a poor listener they will never get to a good solution for any problem because they have not listened and jumped in too early, assuming what the person is going to say. Being a poor listener turns away employees who, if given the time of day could be great sources of information as they deal directly with the customers. If a manager cannot listen to feedback, they cannot improve things and employees will quickly realise this.


10. No Self Awareness

This particular type of manager will believe they have all the answers and can never acknowledge their own wrong-doings. They look for others to blame and cannot self-reflect. A good manager knows that they can’t do everything so they utilise and value their team.


Do you recognise any of these traits in your manager?


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